Argument Over Car Leads to Man Shot in the Face

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(Memphis) A black Cadillac became the center of an argument that led to a North Memphis man being shot in the face.

"The person who got shot, I hope he will be okay," Marquis Whitmore.

A police affidavit says Robert Morris was with his brother, Jeremy, when they confronted Robert Sutton about wanting more money for the Cadillac he recently bought from them.

When Sutton refused to give them any more money, he offered to  return the title and the Cadillac for a refund of his money. Instead, Jeremy Morris allegedly shot Sutton in the face. Police say he fell to the ground and Jeremy Morris stood over the victim and demanded he pay up.

"The devil is real busy for something like that to go on in broad daylight," said Whitmore. "It's rough."

Before the shooting witnesses on the porch tried to get Jeremy Morris to put the gun down because their children were playing in the yard. Luckily, no one else was hurt.

"Who knows what that child or whatever person or whoever was out there that saw that what they can be feeling in their minds and what they're thinking of," said Whitmore. "I just think it's sad to see."

Police arrested Robert Morris and charged him with Aggravated Assault. His brother Jeremy, the alleged trigger-man, is still out there.

Robert Morris, Jr. is in the Shelby County jail Friday on $250,000 dollars bond. Police say an arrest warrant could come for his brother, Jeremy, sometime on Friday.

According to the family, the victim is out of the hospital and doing better.