Stronger Beer Bill on MS Governor’s Desk

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(Tunica, MS)  Mississippi currently has the strictest standards for beer of any state in the Country.

Lawmakers say it’s sent beer lovers, and those who want to brew their own, out of state, and that costs the government money it would normally make in taxes.

Beer lovers, on the other hand say, it’s all about taste.

Debbie Haynie sells a lot of beer, and she knows how to sell, because she samples them, and even enjoys them now and then, ”I like different kinds of beer.  Basically I’m not a huge drinker.”

But in Mississippi, she’s limited to the kinds and brands of beer she can drink.

A bill on Governor Bryant’s desk would change that, bumping the alcohol content in Mississippi beer from 5 to 8 percent.

Restaurant and bar owners, and managers like Andy Guynes like the idea. ”Usually the more you drink, the more you eat, so they go hand-in-hand.”

Guynes says bars and restaurants like “The Hollywood” in Robinsonville, would see lots in increased business with slightly stronger beers, and a bigger selection. It would increase sales, you know, there are particular beers that people like that we can’t carry, that they will only drink.”

The measure would also allow, for the first time, home brewing of beer, and allow for more breweries and even brew pubs in the state.

Debbie Haynie says it also means people like her would actually drink a little less, ”People like a lot of imports, the stronger beers, really is actually if it’s stronger beer, they don’t have to buy as many.”

Right now, Governor Bryant hasn’t said if he’ll sign the bill.

A spokesman would only say he’ll study it before making a decision.