Judge: Davis Must Be Law Enforcement to Use Blue Lights

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(Southaven, MS) Mayor Greg Davis' SUV was parked outside city Hall Wednesday morning.

On it were the blue lights he used to pass a school bus and pull over a driver.

“He's not a police officer or federal officer in any kind of way,” said Alison Taylor who works in Southaven. “He has no right to pull anyone over.”

According to an affidavit, a Judge signed off that Davis couldn't use blue lights or pass a school bus even if he is mayor.

He was arrested Tuesday and booked.

“I just thought I was doing what thought was right to keep something from happening,” Mayor Davis told News Channel 3 shortly after the arrest.

The Mississippi law Mayor Davis uses to call himself “Top Cop” says:

"The mayor shall be active and vigilant in enforcing all laws and ordinances for the government of the municipality, and he shall cause all other officers to be dealt with promptly for any neglect or violation of duty.”

The mayor of Horn Lake has lights on his car.

The mayor of Olive Branch said he used to but never used the lights to enforce the law or pull anybody over.

He says according to the Mississippi Attorney General, mayors don't have that power because they're not commissioned officers.

That mayor says he sees the law as giving power for an administrative enforcement, not police enforcement.

“I think the Southaven police do a pretty good job,” said Taylor. “They don't need any help. They've definitely gotten me a couple of times,” she said as she laughed.

Mayor Davis will go before a Justice Court Judge on May 2nd at 1:00p.