Almost $1 Million of Marijuana Seized

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(Memphis) Just after noon on Friday, Memphis police pulled over a tractor trailer carrying 920 lbs. of marijuana.

The vehicle had been seen straddling lanes when officers made the traffic stop on I-240 near Warford Street.

The driver, Rodriguez Eliseo, is a resident of La Feria, TX. Police are not sure where he was headed. The 2004 Volvo tractor trailer he was driving is leased to ETC Elam Trucking Company out of Stantonville, TN.

A certified drug dog alerted police to the presence of drugs, helping the officers find 920 pounds of marijuana in 64 plastic-wrapped bundles.

The bundles were mixed in with a load of metal plates and aluminum transmission covers inside the trailer.

Eliseo is now charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to manufacture, deliver or sell.

Director Toney Armstrong said the recovered marijuana has a street value of over $920,000.

“If we don’t intercept this load, this time next week, somebody will be standing on the corner selling this. The drug house containing this, probably somebody’s going to be guarding this lot with a firearm,” Armstrong said.

He said that if this amount of pot ended up on the streets, it would have added a lot of trouble for law enforcement.

He also commended the organized crime unit, largely responsible for the bust. “You probably pull over a thousand trucks and not be able to get a seizure of this amount. It’s just a thousand and one. So these guys have to be extremely dedicated and extremely committed.”