Memphis Police Officer Under Investigation Again

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(Memphis) Maj. Stan Eason, a 25-year veteran of the Memphis Police Department, has been removed from field work while officials investigate a complaint made against him while he was working his second job off-duty.

Police would not describe the nature of the complaint, or what Eason does on his second job.

Eason was charged in 2011 with aggravated assault, after his then wife told police Eason pulled a gun on her.

After an investigation, that charge was dropped due to lack of evidence.

In the initial report, Eason is said to have found his wife on Valentine’s night in a car with another man. The former Mrs. Eason told police he had a gun in his right hand and a bat in his left hand.

Prior to this accusation, Eason had a relatively clean personnel file. He had two minor write-ups, the latest of which happened about 20 years ago.

Now with this new complaint and investigation, Eason is still at work but behind a desk. He is not allowed in the field and cannot carry a gun.

Maj. Eason is often briefing the media on crime scenes.

A spokesperson with the police department stated, “Major Stan Eason has been placed on non-enforcement status pending the outcome of an ongoing investigation. This investigation stemmed from a complaint that was filed against him while working off duty through the Secondary Employment Program. No other details will be released until the completion of the investigation. Major Eason has been employed with the Memphis Police Department since November of 1987 and is currently assigned to Investigative Services.”