Collierville Mayor Says Fight For Municipal Schools Not Over

(Collierville, TN) Collierville Mayor Stan Joyner says he and other municipal mayors were prepared for the obstacles as they planned to break away from the Unified School district and form their own, "We knew that in planning for a municipal school district that we were going to hit roadblocks." “Obviously, it’s not something that will stop us from moving forward with planning for a municipal school district, but it will delay us.”

Collierville, Germantown, Bartlett, Arlington, and Lakeland will not be able to hold a referendum vote in May to see if citizens want their own school district.

The Shelby County Election commission voted unanimously Wednesday not to allow the referendum.

“This, if it does anything, may increase our resolve and our looking forward in planning for that municipal school district in the town of Collierville.”

The decision knocks the municipalities off their set time-table to have their own districts in place by August of 2013 because municipal school board members will not be on the ballots in November.

Regardless, Joyner says they will continue moving forward.

“It’s an obstacle,” said Joyner. “It`s not a deathblow for the town of Collierville. We`re obviously moving forward with the discussion and the plans that we have wanted for our municipal school district.”

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