Grizzlies Player Keeps 100 Families From Utilities Being Cut Off

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(Memphis 03/17/12)  To most, the man stepping out of the Dodge Challenger is Memphis Grizzlies Star, Zach Randolph, but for some people on Saturday, he was more than that. To them, he means hope.

“I appreciate you helping me with my light bill,” said 93-year-old Ethel Jackson as she hugged him. “I love you for it.”

The Grizzlies Forward donated $20,000 to MIFA to help people struggling to keep up with their light, gas, and water bill. It’s enough to keep 100 people from getting their utilities shut off.

“I’ve been in situations with a single-parent mom on welfare, struggling to make ends meet,” said Randolph. “So, I know what it’s like and I am just happy to be able to give back to somebody who needs it and deserves it.”

Marcus Hall said, “It really makes me feel good that somebody would step up, somebody of your caliber and at my age, it really meant a lot to have that have happen in my life.”

This isn’t the first time someone has stepped up to help Hall with his MLGW bill.

Tonya Wigner rallied support for Hall in News Channel 3 report last month. Hall played a role in getting her off drugs when he drove Wigner around in his taxi cab. He was put out of work and lost his ability to walk because of a spider bite, but he says he’s almost back to normal and will begin working next month.

“This ought to get me over the hump and get me out of the red,” said Hall.

He says he’s grateful for Randolph’s generosity and looks forward to the day he can return the favor.

“After next month, if you ever need a yellow cab, you give me a call,” he said to Randolph.

“I may take you up on that offer,” the Grizzlies player said, as he laughed.