DeSoto County Voters Make Dismal Showing at the Polls

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Mississippi state flag


  • Mississippi voters casted ballots in Tuesday’s Republican primary
  • Voter turnout was lower than expected
  • No polling problems were reported Tuesday evening

(Hernando, MS) Despite a Republican presidential primary and a congressional race, many voters in DeSoto County avoided the polls.

“It aggravates me to death,” said voter Randy Harris.  “What surprises me is that people won’t go vote.  We’re supposed to be one of the most conservative and religious states.”

Election officials say fewer than the expected 20-30 percent casted ballots.  They were searching for answers as to why.

“One thing I found when I was doing phone calls is that so many people were not aware that we had an election today,” said Barbara Kendrick, with the Republican Executive Committee.

“I guess in years past people have felt by the time it gets to Mississippi they pretty much already have the candidate figured out.  But this one actually is not the case,” said DeSoto County Election Commissioner Danny Klein.

“I wish more people would come out every single time.  People fought and died for us to be able to do this and it just takes a few minutes,” said voter Becky Blankenship.

Election officials reported no problems at the polls Tuesday evening.