Almost 90 Central High Students Suspended over Dress Code

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Around 90 students were suspended from Central High Tuesday for violating the school’s dress codeSchool officials say it was for a variety of violations after several warningsThe suspended students were back at school Thursday(Memphis 2/23/2012) Antyone Fleming was in high school a couple of years ago and doesn`t like the idea of a dress code, “Man, I think we wear what we want to wear. They can`t tell us what to wear.  I would have been suspended right there with them.”

Fleming believes the close to 90 students suspended at Central High School were just expressing themselves through clothes.

“You can`t tell anybody what to do or how to wear their pants or their clothes,” said Fleming.

Memphis City schools claims every student knew exactly what they were supposed to wear.

Recently parents got an automated call reminding them about the dress code.

For example, students cannot wear jeans or t shirts, and their pants must fit around the waist.

Martha Grayber graduated from East High and says back when she was in school administrators didn`t have to tell students how to dress they always looked presentable anyway, “It seems like there are more important things in the world, but if it`s a school rule and they`ve been warned they should try to abide by that.”