Wild Weather Ties Up Traffic, Topples Trees

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(Memphis)     Heavy rain and gusty winds ripped through the Mid-South Thursday, creating traffic jams and toppling trees.   The westbound lanes of Interstate 40 were backed up for hours after a big rig overturned on the Hernando DeSoto bridge.


“All of a sudden it got cold and the wind came right behind it,” said truck driver Charles Ford, who passed the accident heading in the eastbound lanes.  “By the wind coming underneath the trailer, and on top of it, boom!  If a quick breeze came by it would knock us down just like that.”


Ford added, “I’m just glad it happened in the direction that it happened because he flipped over into the left lane instead of going over to the right side.  If he did it could have blown him over the bridge.”


The driver of the overturned truck is okay, and the lanes of traffic are now clear.


Across town, a giant tree toppled in the wind and landed across Peabody Avenue.


“It’s a little early in this storm for this type of damage because usually it takes two days of raining and the soil gets a little loose,” said Peabody resident Karen Williams.  “The good news is it did not hit a car, it did not hit a house, and preciously, it did not hit a person.”


The tree was expected to take several hours to remove.