Davis Denies Double Payments

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  • Mayor Greg Davis denies receiving double-reimbursements
  • Controversy surrounds receipts submitted to the state auditor and payments from Chamber of Commerce
  • Alderman says review of actual payments is underway


(Southaven, MS) Southaven’s embattled mayor is on the defensive, again.

This time, Mayor Greg Davis denies he’s double-dipping.  Instead, he says receipts showing the city and chamber of commerce reimbursed him for the same expenses were a mistake.

Davis doesn’t deny some of the receipts could have turned up in two different piles.  He claims in his rush to defend his spending to the state auditor’s office, he may have submitted receipts that the city never actually reimbursed him for.

They’re allegations we first told you about Sunday.

“We do have allegations of a little over $5,000 worth,” explained Alderman Ronnie Hale.  “We’re just trying to verify now that the city actually paid for each one as well.”

The mayor says he’ll save the city the work.  Davis insists it was all above-board.

“The numbers show there was no double-billing,” said Davis.  “Otherwise, there would be a credit on one of our charge cards.”  Instead, the mayor says he often covered expenses relating to promoting Southaven out of his own pocket.  By Davis’s math he has spent nearly $293,000 of personal or campaign money since 2008 covering the costs.

“Because that’s what I believe,” explained Davis.  “My belief in the things happening here haven’t changed regardless of what’s going on.”

Still others are skeptical.  That includes Alderman Ronnie Hale.  Hale introduced the resolution earlier this year asking Davis to resign amid allegations of improper spending.

“It’s questionable,” said Hale. “We’re not just talking one or two receipts. We’re talking 26 or more right now. It’s hard to make a mistake that many times, but it’s not impossible I guess.”

Davis also denies that he got a free pass from the Southaven Chamber of Commerce because of his relationship with Chamber Treasurer Chuck Roberts. 

Roberts signed a number of the checks paying Davis’s credit card.

The two men co-own a Florida condo.  Roberts also served as Davis’s campaign treasurer in the past.

In fact, Davis remains confident that when the dust settles, he’ll be cleared of any wrongdoing.

“I would be upset if I was on the outside looking in,” admitted Davis. “I guess my frustration has been I’ve got the whole big picture and unfortunately I can’t release it until we get it all cleared up.”

Davis’s spending is under investigation by both the Mississippi State Auditor’s Office as well as the US Attorney’s Office.

Davis says he and his attorney are working to schedule a meeting with the auditor’s office concerning more than $60,000 in reimbursements that state investigators say the mayor still owes for improper spending.