Boyfriend Denies Starting Deadly Apartment Fire

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  • Investigators still looking into fire that killed 5 year old, and critically injured her 16 year old cousin
  • Renter’s boyfriend admits slashing tires hours before deadly fire
  • Shion Jones says he didn’t have anything to do with setting fire

(Memphis, 2/09/2009) He’s accused of starting the deadly fire that killed a five year old girl, but now a Memphis man is speaking out, hoping to clear his name, and end the threats on his life.

Shion Jones admits he was mad at his girlfriend. She rented apartment #6 at Treasure Park Apartments, where the fire broke out Friday morning

But, Jones insists he’s no killer.

As firefighters focused on the front of apartment # 6, behind the building, Kimberly Blaylock’s car sat on four flat tires.

“I’ll tell the truth,” Jones told WREG News Channel 3 on Monday. “I ain’t going to sit up here and lie. Nothing like that. I cut her tires, but the rest of it, I didn’t do it,” insisted Jones.

Jones says he’s dated Blaylock for about seven years, and often stayed at the apartment with his girlfriend, and her 16 year old daughter, Kenesha.

But that changed, a few weeks ago, after Jones says another man entered the picture.

Jones moved out, but, he says, the arguing continued.

He says his last trip to Treasure Park was around 3am Friday.

That’s when Jones says he slashed Blaylock’s tires.

“I wasn’t in the right state of mind right then,” explained Jones. “I was just mad, know what i’m saying?”

Jones says he was less than 2 miles away from the complex when neighbors noticed the fire around 11:30am Friday.

He was close enough, to hear firefighter’s sirens, and News Chopper 3 overhead.

But it wasn’t until an hour later, Jones says he learned the apartment had burned.

Kenehsa, was critically injured.

Her five year old cousin, Makayla Coffer, died.

Immediately, the victims’ realtives blamed Jones.

“He (Jones) was talking about how he was going to do something to her (Blaylock), but he didn’t have to do nothing to my baby,” Priscilla Watkins said Friday. She was Coffer’s mother. “My baby didn’t do nothing to him. My baby wasn’t nothing but five.”

Jones denies he threatened Blaylock.

He says he’s now the target of death threats.

The 33 year old voluntarily met with homicide investigators Sunday.

He hopes by speaking out, it will prove, he has nothing to hide.

“Actually, right now, I’m sad,” said Jones. “True enough. But I just want everyone to quit blaming me, man.”

Fire investigators have not ruled how Friday’s fire started, or if a crime was committed.

Jones believes it could have been electrical, and admits the apartment did not legally have electrical service at the time.