Woman Allegedly Attacks Family with Meat Cleaver and Meat Fork

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(Memphis 1/6/2012) Christine Kelly now faces two counts of domestic assault after witnesses say she tried to stab her great nephew and daughter. Police say it was all because a family argument spun out of control.

According to the police affidavit Kelly was hit in the head by someone trying to get a cleaver, a meat fork and two knives away from her. It happened at Kelly’s cottonwood home where she and the victims all live together.

We tried to speak with them but no one was home.

Angela Jones lives just down the street from Kelly.

Thursday night Jones saw police cars, but  just thought someone was being pulled over.

She’s shocked to hear what actually happened in her neighborhood.

“That’s not typical at all…that’s something you would hear in a scary movie or something like that.  Whoooo! That’s a shocker,” said Jones.

Kelly will appear before a judge January 9th for her arraignment.